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A Simple Tally Counter For Keeping Tracks of Bids

As mentioned in my previous post I need to put atleast 100 bids per day across the freelancing sites to increase the number of projects we are doing. It is just an arbitrary number and since we are only doing around 10-20 bids in a day, I thought putting it high enough will be a good thing to do. Since the freelancing sites doesn’t display the number of bids made on the day, I needed a way to track the bids so that I can push myself until the minimum count is reached. I tried finding a tally counter software but didn’t find any so I thought of building one myself. As I have been looking to get into programming after a long time, it should be a good way to start again from basics. As such here is the screenshot of first version of a simple tally counter for bids. I will be improving this software and will include more features including making it useful for any kind of counting work.


To Do List for Year 2013-2014

This year I am not going to put any financial targets as I find them to be too distracting and moreover I haven’t been able to achieve them so far so don’t want to demoralize myself by not reaching where I want to reach despite making progress. So I am just gonna list some of my to-do list for year 2013-2014. I hope just  sticking to most of these to-do lists will be enough to progress towards my goals.

Daily To-Do

1) 100 Bids spread across, and

2) One Startup Idea everyday.

3) 1000 Words of Content.



Weekly To-Do

1) Review of One IM Course

2) Review of One IM Software

3) 1 Mini-software based on one of the daily ideas.


Monthly To-Do

1) 5 Cheap Sites

2) 5 Celebrity Sites

3) 15 Broken Arrow Sites

4) 5 Product Niche Sites

5)  10 Gaming Tips Sites


Quarterly To-Do