A day in my life – 16 March 2013

02:22 – 09:40 – 7.3 & 14:40 – 16:14 – 1.6

Most of the day was spent on going through projects rss feeds and bidding on them. I don’t like the 25 bids per week bid limit of odesk. Got some ideas on which I will start working on soon. One of them is building lists of stuff. I am sure something like this already exists but I just want to do it because I am not able to find something for which I am looking for in a proper manner. The other one is to build a domain availability tool. I haven’t researched more about it but I want to build a desktop software (including a CLI version) to help me with getting availability for domains. I will build this even if there are many out there just to get my coding skills brushed up. I haven’t coded anything big for a long time now but now I am bracing for getting more coding output as I am looking to drift towards building products and not just concentrate on services. I think it will be better if I build a to-do page where in I can list all the online stuff I want to do or get done.




Here are some stats

Bids – 15 , Won – 0

Niche Sites – 3265

Celeb Sites – 687

Gaming Blogs – 81

Youtube Videos – 20

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