A day in my life – 17 March 2013

05:54 – 10:40 – 4.8 & 15:13 – 16:23 – 1.2

I haven’t done much today except reading some blogs. One of the blog post really caught my eye was this. I have always believed in bootstrapping but now I think it was a wrong notion to carry. In particular I can understand behind the lines now which says “Raising money early reduces one of the many variables that an entrepreneur has to deal with. Building businesses from scratch is hard, so it is better to reduce one variable early on.” I haven’t actively pursued getting funded till now but now I am gonna change my game plan a little and will start focusing on raising some external funding. So I have already shoot a non-fluffy, to the point mail to growthstory team and am waiting for a reply. I am not sure how it will turn out but I am gonna start reaching out to more people now to increase my chances of raising fund. I am also planning some crazy stuff to get the word out and get myself noticed which could be a better way rather than chasing people which I am not very good at.

In evening I attended Kavi Samellan event which was good but the highlight of the evening was the food at novotel, vizag which was awesome. I am not a foodie and don’t generally care for food that much but nonetheless I wanted to eat much more than what I generally eat just because it was that good.


Here are some stats

Bids – 8 , Won – 0

Niche Sites – 3283

Celeb Sites – 699

Gaming Blogs – 79

Youtube Videos – 25

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