Hi. My name is Alok Soni and I welcome you to my personal blog. I have been running a very small company ( Harmony Infotech) since July 2007 and we provide services related to Internet Website Designing. We generally get projects from freelance marketplace sites such as freelancer.com, rentacoder, odesk, limeexchange, elance etc. and are quite good in Flash/XML/Photoshop/PHP.   Contact us  if you need things like ebook/cd/dvd covers,mini-sites,flash banners, websites etc. and we can provide some good quality stuff at decent enough prices.
But this blog isn’t going to be much about my company and what  I do in daytime (Though I will be posting something here and there) but it will cover my late night sessions which are used for cracking the whole making money online puzzle. Actually I have become interested in Internet Marketing and Making Money Online field after reading Griz’s Blog .I think IM  is what I really want to do in my life.  Being a creative kind of person as well as having a huge penchant for learning new things, a traditional job or business always seemed kind of dull to me.  As a job was/is out of question for me as I hail from well-to-do  business family and being too simpleton for running a traditional business I was always kind of confused what I wanted to do in life but just reading through Griz Blog made it clear that this is what I have been longing for.  Earning passive(almost) money online is kind of virtual nirvana which can allow me to do things like creating music , writing stories, teaching people, learning new things which isn’t quite possible with a normal job/business life. As I live a very simple life and don’t have any expensive habits, I figured that something around $5k  per month is quite enough for my needs and which can allow me to do things which I always wanted to do and which is quite possible if I just dedicate enough time.  So here in this blog I will mostly be covering my journey into online money making field and I hope you will learn something worthwhile from my blog.


  1. Hi Alok. Thanks for your comment on my Savita Bhabhi post. What sort of stories do you write?
    All the best,

  2. Alok Soni says:

    Hello Sir, There is nice co-incidence with our names and feeling so glad to see my name as a website. I was just searching in google by my name and I found your site. Is it banificial for me in any manner? ha ha Just joking. Ok. May I learn any language (programming language) on your site.

    Well telling about me, I’m working as a ‘Software-Executive’ for Nelito Systems Ltd.,Mumbai. Our company has its Banking software. Now a days I’m working at Akola Region in Maharashtra for ADCC Bank for their Core-Banking project, with Sql DB and VB frontend.

    There are so many modules we have implemented here and I specially woking on HO (HRD Module).

    Sir, I want to learn some language programming, which will be benificial for me? Please reply soon. I’ll wait for your response.


    Alok Soni
    email: aloksoni444@rediffmail.com
    Mob. : 96040 17572

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