An Open Source Company

I have been a honest guy most of my life. I do have my own share of dishonesty but they are quite few and small.  As such I have always faced many problems because of being a honest guy.  Now as I run a small startup, I have a dilemma that should we start becoming more aggressive which in process may make my “Honesty is the Best Policy” to take a backseat. For the time being I think we can get off with being honest.  But many times I worry if I can always continue to run the company with the same honesty and zeal. I am not sure about the answer.  But many times I dream of running a company which is very open,transparent and honest in whatever things we do. Kind of “An Open Source Company”.  I mean is it possible to run a company where every information about it is available in public.  Every expenses, every income, every mistakes, every idea, in short EVERYTHING in public eyes.  I am not sure if it will be possible to run/create a company like that. But I can always dream.  I hope something similar is already running somewhere.

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