An Update

It has been a long time I have updated my blog. I was pretty busy with day-to-day stuff as my company have now grown to over 12 members and I am looking to soon reach around 20 member strong.  But the growth in members isn’t exactly translating into higher revenues because the team hasn’t become productive as a whole. We have been doing some good business on and now but it is still a far cry from my target of $10k per month of income out of which $5k is supposed to be from projects and $5k from blogging and affiliate marketing. Also even though I want to totally stop working on coding/development/designing projects myself but somehow or other I have to work on it. But once I am back from the Chardham Yatra, I would stop working on projects and will concentrate on affiliate marketing and blogging full time.  On an other note, this month marks something which I will remember for my whole life. I cannot/don’t want to talk much about it but just want to say to all the girls in the world, a belief in your better half (Even if he was wrong before and he could be wrong now) is much better for your relationship.

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