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A Little about Myself

Hi. My name is Alok Soni and I welcome you to my personal blog. I have been running a very small company ( Harmony Infotech) since July 2007 and we provide services related to Internet Website Designing. We generally gets projects from freelance marketplace sites such as rentacoder,odesk,limeexchange,elance etc.  After working for varied clients designing ebook covers, mini-sites, flash banners,headers etc. I was wondering if this is what I hope to do for rest of my life. I have always dreamt of running a company which deals with something related to computers but didn’t quite know what it would be exactly. After finishing my 12th I planned to start a company for making software products but I wasn’t bold enough to pursue that path. Due to family pressures I joined an Engg. College and finished my B.E. (Comp.Sci.) in 2003 and not knowing what to do, I started doing some research online.  During that period I believe I read some articles about Free/Open Wireless Community Networks (Freifunk being one of them) and I dreamt of doing something similar in India. The next few years were wasted on just deciding what to do exactly apart from reading a great deal of stuff on internet and doing some freelancing projects on side. But being more of a creative kind of creature rather than a process oriented kind I never believed that freelancing is the way forward as I just don’t like doing same stuff day-in day-out. I have always wanted to learn about things, make new things, try new things and as such wasn’t very sure what exactly I want to do in life. Come 2007 June, my cousin told me about the franchisee being available for Justdial company as they had expanded their operations to around 40 cities. Till that time I didn’t knew about justdial even though I used to read lots of stuff/news online and it was kind of surprising to know that India had its own Local Search Company. It seems justdial was quite popular in metros but they didn’t /don’t advertised much and moreover they didn’t seemed to be covered much (if at all) by computer magazines as I used to read Digit,Chip & PC-Quest quite regularly. But my cousin had used Justdial Service lots of time during his BBM degree in bangalore and he somehow convinced me to go for it as he was quite impressed with the service.  I wasn’t very keen at beginning but once I visited Justdial Hyderabad office and saw how it really worked, I instantly felt in love with the company. The way the IROs were handling the ever incoming calls and the sheer volume of calls being handled was enough to convince me that Justdial has quietly built a very strong business and I agreed to become their franchisee for Vizag and Vijayawada.  But I didn’t had any experience running a company let alone in two places at the same time and it didn’t quite work very well so I had to close down operations in Vijayawada and just concentrate on Vizag. Even though I have become more experienced now but still I have lots of things to learn.  Apart from handling the Justdial Franchisee I also run a small website designing firm as mentioned at the starting.  But lately I am trying to move into Internet Marketing and Making Money Online field and this blog is mainly to chronicle my journey into this fields. I hope you will learn something worthwhile from my blog and I invite all of you who still are unsure about making money online to join me and my online friends. Being honest myself, I generally prefer company of honest people and surprisingly there are quite a few of them . Even though they may not know me personally I would like to thank Griz,Vic, Court,Mark,Lissie,RT and quite a few others who have been instrumental to make me believe into this whole making money online business.