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How to make money while doing things which we love

In a quest to make money, I have tried lots of different but albeit related things like providing services like web design to affiliate marketing.  Some of them failed miserably, some of them are good sporadically and some of them shows great potential but it is still a hassle to make sure everything  runs at the pace I want them to be. Sometime I wonder if my focus on making money is sidelining me to just concentrate on it instead of doing something worthwhile and something more challenging. Every now and then I have to think how to make more money from the things we are doing but I really don’t like the way things are going currently. I would much rather like to solve a technical problem because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I am sure there are many like me who would just like to work on creating/doing stuff rather than worrying how they will make money out of it.  But creating something doesn’t mean it will make money. Money is made when something is created and then sold to a person who values it more than the time/money spent to make/create it. There are whole gamut of different things like sales, marketing and support to go along with creating the product and it is not really a cup of tea for a person to  handle all of them effectively.  I have been trying to figure out a way wherein a loosely connected group of people can come together voluntarily and work together to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations. The question may arise why the need for it. I have  been searching for a democratic platform wherein people with diverse skill-sets can come and collaborate together to do challenging things which make them happy as well as earn money for their efforts. I am not sure how things will work in such a loosely connected setup but I hope something workable can be found. Even though the answer still eludes  me and I will be working to find a solution for it, I will like to note down few things which I would like to see in such a setup.

1) Democratic Setup with each member having a voice.

2) Work on something challenging which gives a sense of doing something worthwhile.

3) Make sure every member gets the benefit of good times.

4) Loosely coupled so that if someone wants to go on his own, he is free to do so.

5) Enable each member to live a life full of physical, emotional & spiritual richness.


The aim of the group will be to

1) Make work available which is fulfilling and make the members happy.

2) Make money while doing so.

In essence a place for people to come together, work on stuff, make money doing so and live a physical, emotional and spiritually fulfilling life.

The slogan can be – “The Pursuit of Happy Dollars”.

Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic

When I started my journey towards making money online, the emphasis was on building niche sites but as my adsense account was banned due to the reasons known best to Google only , I stopped concentrating on it for time being and started searching for better methods (Though I have again started working on this model and have created a site targetting the new song chammak challo and will later on convert this site to a movie review site). The reason I started with niche sites was that it looked more kind of passive income and the investment is also low but the results are supposed to long lasting if you can get a site ranked in Google. The stories of people making anywhere from $1000 to $30000 per month due to sites created few years back was very tempting. But I think I was kind of late into the party since Google had just started its fight onto the MFA brigade and EMD’s were losing its sheen as they weren’t getting the boost they used to get ( I cannot verify this though since I haven’t built much EMD’s myself yet). Then I came across Barman when I was searching for so called Guru Product. Even though I had ordered the supposedly free CD which was mailed for only the cost of S&H nothing was there in that except statements about how this Guru was making so much and how much we can also make. I was glad that I found the barman’s blog as I had ordered the Guru product for the first month trial and promptly cancelled it after reading the reviews there. Thereafter I started founding more people like David who were kind of more into Paid Affiliate Marketing. So now this is where the question raised in this post title comes into picture. Given a chance what would be a better way to make money online. I cannot concretely answer the question yet since I am not making much with any of this methods but I can clearly see both have a strength & weakness. I will update this post later on once I have more experience with both the methods.

Money Making Blueprint for 2010

Few days back I kind of suffered a blow to my online money making journey.  I would not like to discuss too much about it but I think it was kind of a wakeup call. And I think it came at the right time. I had just started making around $100 pm in recurring advertisement income and december month avg. was around $4.3 per day.  But I thank God for the event because had I been earning more, it would have been more painful to bear the loss.  I had started the house cleaning so that the damage is minimised but luckily I had literally tasted the blood. I have come to realize that there is really a good chance to make money online. Till a year back I was quite skeptic of all the bloggers who used to tell that it is quite easy to make money online because I thought that if it is that easy then everybody would be doing it.  I was proven wrong on atleast 1 account ie it is really possible to make good money by online businesses though it is not that quite easy. But once you have setup the things in place and the traffic is consistent then you can see that is is quite easy to make money.  So it is really quite easy to make money online but first you have to work hard to setup everything properly.  I just tried 1 way of making money online ie advertisement but there are quite a few out there.  As I know that this things really work, I am going to concentrate more on building the stuff. So this year I am planning to get the following things done. It is just my way to keeping tracks of the things to do.


1) 50 adsense sites making around $50 per month each. So at the end of year I should be having $2500 per month income through my adsense niche sites.

2) 50 Ebay niche sites.  I don’t know the potential of these so I will just assume that they are going to earn around $10 each.  So it should be around $500 through Ebay EPN income.

3) Try my hands on PPC sometime later down the road.


Now I will be following TKA methods for making money online.  As I feel they are the most honest and ethical internet marketers around and I have seen that the methods do work.  But to help others I would be putting up my own research and results on this blog so that others can also learn if they want to. I wouldn’t be revealing any of my niches/keywords but  I would be giving hints like how many searches are there for a term and how much competition is there. That will help a lot for people to fine-tune their own site building process.

Target $20k per month – Revising the Aim a little

It seems some people have a notion that people who have truckloads of money has got the Right to be right. Rest of the people  who don’t have enough money or earn enough money are not worth even talking to/about. Moreover according to them, the only worthwhile stuff to do on earth is to make money, by hook or by crook. It doesn’t matter to them how the money is earned and they don’t bother to think that anything else apart from earning money may also be a worthwhile way to live life. For them , Musicians,Painters or anybody else who is more busy pursuing his interests are just wasting their time if they don’t run after money. I for one , for the time being, is sitting on the side where I pursue my interests without bothering much about the money factor.  But if I say at this stage that money isn’t the most important thing in life, it wouldn’t be completely truth since I don’t know exactly what it means to have truckloads of money. So I am shifting my gear for the time being and have made an aim to have some good chunks of money so that I can feel what it really means to be sitting on pile of money.  I have revised my goal of reaching $20k in pm income in few years to 1 year. Yeah, $20k pm in a single year.  As I have no idea how I will be reaching my goal though, I will try to follow a person (Ben) who is making something around $2-3k pm. Ben started with make money online field after reading from Griz’s Blog and I will be following Ben to reach my own goal.  So starting from Independence Day, I am going to work towards making $20k in a month a reality.  I wish that someone who is very closer to me can also be a part of this goal, but I think that that special one has to wait for some time. Atleast until I reach $2k pm range.

Making Money Online With Hubs

First of all I am really sorry if few of the post written here doesn’t make much sense. The thing is right now I am quite busy with lot of stuff and it is not possible to write a coherent article. So what I am going to do is just put up a fast written article and when time permits I will modify it to make it more readable.

Recently I have started reading a blog by Ben called Make Money Online with SEO.  Ben has started with the 100 hubs in a month challenge but midway upped his ante and started with 200 hubs in a month.  He has chronicled his journey on his blog and reading it from start to finish I am also tempted to start with such an activity.  Ben is claiming that he has started making more than $1k through adsense income which is quite good for an activity started 2 months back. As such I will be making 200 hubs this month and I would be happy if I just make 10th of it. So please don’t mind the quality of post on this blog for time being as I prepare myself to write about varied topics. I will be posting my results for the 200 hubs experiment here. Wish me Good Luck.

Build A Niche Store – Way To Earn Money Online

I have recently purchased a Guide which explains about making money online through EPN (Ebay Partner Network) and it is named as thenumber1waytomakemoneyonline. Now I have yet to make any money through EPN but having read about how easy it can be making money through it I think I should give it a try. I will post here my results with making money through EPN.  There is a contest going on at a site which basically is kind of a guide for building niche stores using the BANS script. The site owner is going to give away a niche site which is build as per the N1WAY and you can read more about the contest here

Various Methods of Making Money Online


There are many methods to make money online.  People can make money by selling products on sites such as ebay or they can make money by providing services (Like what we do). We provide services related to website designing and the bulk of our work comes through outsourcing marketplace sites such as rentacoder,odesk,elance,limeexchange etc. Affiliate Marketing is also very famous method to make money online. Generally you will be selling products/services on behalf of others and you will get commission for it.  The affiliates can be paid for actual sales or for just providing leads to the advertiser.  For last few months I am trying to understand more about affiliate marketing and I will actively start with it once I have some extra cash lying around with me.

I will be updating this post with more detailed description soon.