Concentrating on multiple things or a single thing ?

I have been into internet related businesses (web development, internet/affiliate marketing, niche websites, graphic designs etc.) for quite some time now and have had few successes here and there but nothing major yet. One of the issue I feel is having too much on my plate to eat. I wonder if it would have been better if I had concentrated on a single thing and make sure it succeeded rather than trying my hands on different things. Also being a technology oriented guy I love to solve technical issues without bothering much about business aspects and which is hampering the business growth which I was expecting. I had set some goals for myself but it looks like it would take some more time to achieve them. But now I am thinking hard if I should just leave the experimentation part aside and concentrate on few/one thing which I know works even if it means not doing what I love. Lately it seems the internet/affiliate marketing field is getting tougher and people are planning to concentrate more on working upon something concrete/long-lasting and stuff they love rather than just making money mostly by arbitraging. But this luxury is a kind of rare where you have made enough money and don’t have to worry about it for next few years. I don’t know what I will be doing myself once I reach that stage but till then I think it is internet, internet, internet.

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