Fear of Failure or Success

I just read this article by finch wherein he discussed about the fears the affiliate may have. He discussed about the  fear of failure and fear of success. Not sure what really fear of success means as I believe everyone would like to be successful but I can easily understand fear of failure as it is one of the major stumbling block to my own growth as an entrepreneur/affiliate marketer. One of the issue he mentioned which is responsible for this fear is perfectionism. Now I am not a perfectionism by any means but I don’t want to bring something in open until I am satisfied that it is really good (like our $5 design service). But after reading that article, I am thinking what will I lose if I just start releasing the stuff I have in mind without thinking too much whether it is really good enough or not. Some of the ideas I have are really crazy and I wouldn’t even discuss them with someone who is close to me thinking what they will think of me. If I just sit on them and expect to work upon them whenever I can get some free time then I think it will take me many more years so what I am planning now is to get the ideas out in open, register a domain and then just put something out there. One of my ideas was to create an open playground kind of thing wherein anybody who is interested to collaborate with me can come down to my office and start working on it but now I am thinking to extend that idea a little (or maybe more). So here are the ideas on which I want to start working sooner and will be updating this post once I have something more done related to that idea. I understand some of the ideas may not be feasible due to various constraints but then what does it cost to dream up something. 


1) Domain Alerts – A google alerts kind of service for stuff related to domains.

2) Domain Prices Comparator

3) Simple Ads – The simplest way to monetize a site. No account bans, no manual reviews, heck no need to signup also.

4) Software/Web Tools powered by crowdfunding

5) Attack of the Clones (Will disclose later)

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