How to make money while doing things which we love

In a quest to make money, I have tried lots of different but albeit related things like providing services like web design to affiliate marketing.  Some of them failed miserably, some of them are good sporadically and some of them shows great potential but it is still a hassle to make sure everything  runs at the pace I want them to be. Sometime I wonder if my focus on making money is sidelining me to just concentrate on it instead of doing something worthwhile and something more challenging. Every now and then I have to think how to make more money from the things we are doing but I really don’t like the way things are going currently. I would much rather like to solve a technical problem because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I am sure there are many like me who would just like to work on creating/doing stuff rather than worrying how they will make money out of it.  But creating something doesn’t mean it will make money. Money is made when something is created and then sold to a person who values it more than the time/money spent to make/create it. There are whole gamut of different things like sales, marketing and support to go along with creating the product and it is not really a cup of tea for a person to  handle all of them effectively.  I have been trying to figure out a way wherein a loosely connected group of people can come together voluntarily and work together to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations. The question may arise why the need for it. I have  been searching for a democratic platform wherein people with diverse skill-sets can come and collaborate together to do challenging things which make them happy as well as earn money for their efforts. I am not sure how things will work in such a loosely connected setup but I hope something workable can be found. Even though the answer still eludes  me and I will be working to find a solution for it, I will like to note down few things which I would like to see in such a setup.

1) Democratic Setup with each member having a voice.

2) Work on something challenging which gives a sense of doing something worthwhile.

3) Make sure every member gets the benefit of good times.

4) Loosely coupled so that if someone wants to go on his own, he is free to do so.

5) Enable each member to live a life full of physical, emotional & spiritual richness.


The aim of the group will be to

1) Make work available which is fulfilling and make the members happy.

2) Make money while doing so.

In essence a place for people to come together, work on stuff, make money doing so and live a physical, emotional and spiritually fulfilling life.

The slogan can be – “The Pursuit of Happy Dollars”.

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