Is this the Life you want to live..


This is an excerpt from the book “Tears of The Mystic Rose” which can be found at .  


“the whole education system is criminal and against the innocent child
who has no choice but to follow whatever is thrust upon him
from the very frst day in nursery
the whole education is geared to training the mind
towards competition and aggression and jealousy and judgement
this fact is simple and of clear understanding
as no parent wants their beloved child to be behind others
everyone wants their child to come frst…be the best…always ahead
it is impossible that everyone can come frst in class
this mathematical principle would defeat even poor albert einstein
only one child can come frst…second…then third
which child wants to be third class…any takers
which child is congratulated for coming in last
any child with a dumb aptitude just to memorise stupid dates and numbers
and meaningless bits of knowledge comes frst in class
education just tests memory and not intelligence in any way
the subjects taught are all meaningless to the poor child
but teachers are serious and parents pressurising to do well in school
the innocent child has no choice
just cramming their innocent minds with garbage and rubbish
they are there to carry the dustbins of our past glory…or gory for that matter
the poor child is taught about
alexander the great…genghis khan…tamurlane…ivan the terrible…hitler
great battles and world wars…destruction and destruction
what is so great about alexander the great
just his egoistic conquering insanity
murderer termed the great conqueror
the stupidities of our past remembered with pride
the reasons for the division of our one earth into separate nations
all about everything except ourselves and our place in nature
all about everything but what to do with chemical hormones of fear or anger
where one plus one is two but never fits into our real world of counting
all is talk and talk and the language of silence is no means of communication
the whole education is upside down geared for the average masses
all subjects and syllabus and exams to exactly ft millions of different children
from different social economic cultural religious backgrounds
into one single exam pattern with no variation
all children carbon copies like a plastic factory churning out toys
each with the same barbie doll smile…exactly the same
we are simply creating robots for a controlled environment
comfortable and easy to manage in our conditioned society
all people must fit into one mentally acceptable social group
no wonder this human race is confused
fragmented and divided against itself…and always at war with itself
no child loves himself…no child accepts himself…no child can be himself
no child loves himself
and silently and deeply knows they are being crushed
by the education system to cram and struggle against their nature
to do well and be rewarded with meaningless degrees for employment
every child is conditioned that they are stupid and need to be educated
they know nothing…that they are not fit the way they are
they do not deserve reward without struggle and effort
divided from childhood they learn hate and learn politics of the smile
they hate themselves for failing to satisfy their eager and loving parents
teachers elders society and nations
they learn to hate their parents and elders for forcing them against their
nature and learn to smile jimmy carter smiles
all smiles all around…just keep smiling hurting inside…it pays to smile
no child accepts themselves as they are
how can they when they are rejected by all around…for stupid meaningless
reasons which appear to be serious and important by retarded grownups
do not cry be a man…live for society…live for another…sacrifice yourself
go to war and fight for your nation
no child can be himself
become this or become that…become this powerful president
or that famous doctor or that important government dignitary
or anything else will do…but do not become just yourself
the very first lesson in life…the only few worth unlearning
love yourself…accept yourself…be yourself
love yourself
by not loving yourself the small silent and fragile energy
is divided and fragmented from within and a cancer grows rapidly unseen
do not love others…just learn to love yourself first
one who loves himself understands the value of love from within
self love is the way to inner health and growth of self knowing
this love grows and blossoms through seven pillars of inner light
love nourishes and soon spreads on it own accord to others
accept yourself
what a stupid boring world we would live in if all humans were exactly same
learn acceptance of yourself just the way you are
existence has given birth to you and accepts you unconditionally
you are breathing and alive with its aliveness…a miracle in itself
each and every individual in unique and irreplaceable in this vast cosmos
the very beauty of you remains its unique signature
be yourself
you can try and pretend as much as this society demands of you
to be someone else and to live the life of the impossible imposter
there is only one way and that is being yourself
whatsoever you are just relax at ease and be yourself
just out of being yourself a tremendous grace and beauty
will be released and will radiate all around you
love yourself…accept yourself…be yourself
these qualities will create for the first time
an individual whose inner fame is undividable
a great pool of energy will gather and surround you
with this an inner trust will arise from within you”.

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