Making Money Online With Hubs

First of all I am really sorry if few of the post written here doesn’t make much sense. The thing is right now I am quite busy with lot of stuff and it is not possible to write a coherent article. So what I am going to do is just put up a fast written article and when time permits I will modify it to make it more readable.

Recently I have started reading a blog by Ben called Make Money Online with SEO.  Ben has started with the 100 hubs in a month challenge but midway upped his ante and started with 200 hubs in a month.  He has chronicled his journey on his blog and reading it from start to finish I am also tempted to start with such an activity.  Ben is claiming that he has started making more than $1k through adsense income which is quite good for an activity started 2 months back. As such I will be making 200 hubs this month and I would be happy if I just make 10th of it. So please don’t mind the quality of post on this blog for time being as I prepare myself to write about varied topics. I will be posting my results for the 200 hubs experiment here. Wish me Good Luck.

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