Money Making Blueprint for 2010

Few days back I kind of suffered a blow to my online money making journey.  I would not like to discuss too much about it but I think it was kind of a wakeup call. And I think it came at the right time. I had just started making around $100 pm in recurring advertisement income and december month avg. was around $4.3 per day.  But I thank God for the event because had I been earning more, it would have been more painful to bear the loss.  I had started the house cleaning so that the damage is minimised but luckily I had literally tasted the blood. I have come to realize that there is really a good chance to make money online. Till a year back I was quite skeptic of all the bloggers who used to tell that it is quite easy to make money online because I thought that if it is that easy then everybody would be doing it.  I was proven wrong on atleast 1 account ie it is really possible to make good money by online businesses though it is not that quite easy. But once you have setup the things in place and the traffic is consistent then you can see that is is quite easy to make money.  So it is really quite easy to make money online but first you have to work hard to setup everything properly.  I just tried 1 way of making money online ie advertisement but there are quite a few out there.  As I know that this things really work, I am going to concentrate more on building the stuff. So this year I am planning to get the following things done. It is just my way to keeping tracks of the things to do.


1) 50 adsense sites making around $50 per month each. So at the end of year I should be having $2500 per month income through my adsense niche sites.

2) 50 Ebay niche sites.  I don’t know the potential of these so I will just assume that they are going to earn around $10 each.  So it should be around $500 through Ebay EPN income.

3) Try my hands on PPC sometime later down the road.


Now I will be following TKA methods for making money online.  As I feel they are the most honest and ethical internet marketers around and I have seen that the methods do work.  But to help others I would be putting up my own research and results on this blog so that others can also learn if they want to. I wouldn’t be revealing any of my niches/keywords but  I would be giving hints like how many searches are there for a term and how much competition is there. That will help a lot for people to fine-tune their own site building process.

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