Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic

When I started my journey towards making money online, the emphasis was on building niche sites but as my adsense account was banned due to the reasons known best to Google only , I stopped concentrating on it for time being and started searching for better methods (Though I have again started working on this model and have created a site targetting the new song chammak challo and will later on convert this site to a movie review site). The reason I started with niche sites was that it looked more kind of passive income and the investment is also low but the results are supposed to long lasting if you can get a site ranked in Google. The stories of people making anywhere from $1000 to $30000 per month due to sites created few years back was very tempting. But I think I was kind of late into the party since Google had just started its fight onto the MFA brigade and EMD’s were losing its sheen as they weren’t getting the boost they used to get ( I cannot verify this though since I haven’t built much EMD’s myself yet). Then I came across Barman when I was searching for so called Guru Product. Even though I had ordered the supposedly free CD which was mailed for only the cost of S&H nothing was there in that except statements about how this Guru was making so much and how much we can also make. I was glad that I found the barman’s blog as I had ordered the Guru product for the first month trial and promptly cancelled it after reading the reviews there. Thereafter I started founding more people like David who were kind of more into Paid Affiliate Marketing. So now this is where the question raised in this post title comes into picture. Given a chance what would be a better way to make money online. I cannot concretely answer the question yet since I am not making much with any of this methods but I can clearly see both have a strength & weakness. I will update this post later on once I have more experience with both the methods.

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