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I am going to start with Affiliate Marketing

After thinking about whether to jump into aff/ppc business for a long time now, I have decided to get my feet wet and start with this industry.  I read the affiliate newbie guide  which was recommended by http://www.ppc.bz (I don’t know  who recommended them though).  I am actually pretty skeptic and don’t generally believe what is written on a website so easily but the ppc.bz guy seems to be genuine in his messages. 


So I am just going to update this post with how I am doing with Affiliate Marketing.

Build A Niche Store – Way To Earn Money Online

I have recently purchased a Guide which explains about making money online through EPN (Ebay Partner Network) and it is named as thenumber1waytomakemoneyonline. Now I have yet to make any money through EPN but having read about how easy it can be making money through it I think I should give it a try. I will post here my results with making money through EPN.  There is a contest going on at a site which basically is kind of a guide for building niche stores using the BANS script. The site owner is going to give away a niche site which is build as per the N1WAY and you can read more about the contest here

Various Methods of Making Money Online


There are many methods to make money online.  People can make money by selling products on sites such as ebay or they can make money by providing services (Like what we do). We provide services related to website designing and the bulk of our work comes through outsourcing marketplace sites such as rentacoder,odesk,elance,limeexchange etc. Affiliate Marketing is also very famous method to make money online. Generally you will be selling products/services on behalf of others and you will get commission for it.  The affiliates can be paid for actual sales or for just providing leads to the advertiser.  For last few months I am trying to understand more about affiliate marketing and I will actively start with it once I have some extra cash lying around with me.

I will be updating this post with more detailed description soon.