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Automated discovery of Scams in Making – Idea 01 for Idea Garage

I recently read a pretty good article for raising funds and I am planning to incorporate some of the learnings for my own 15 projects 21 months experiment.

So I sent a mail sent to citronresearch.com about an idea someone suggested in the Idea Garage group. Actually the idea was discussed few days back for another company issue (acqafina tab water issue) but at that time, I didn’t knew how it can be implemented but seeing something happening live, I can see a potential for building a system which can uncover such signals or allow someone to do research effectively. Need to figure out what kind of solutions are available online though.

The following is the mail sent to citron guys and let us see if they respond back.

I came to know about your site through this ycombinator thread. When I was reading the report, I felt what if there was some automated way to assimilate & generate warning signals for things like same policies/contact numbers etc. across different sites for public companies. I will be doing some research online to see if something like this already exists but incase there isn’t would you guys be interested to fund if I can build a poc.
I am a freelance web developer and currently am looking to get into building a product/saas offering and this problem seems interesting to me. I don’t have any experience building something at this scale but I am willing to spend few years of my life working on it if I can get a ready client.

Harmony Infotech

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