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I am Back

After missing from blogging action for almost 6 months, I am back here. Not sure how many days I can sustain my blogging efforts since every time I promise myself that I will stick to it and then break that promise. It is kinda similar to what a student does when he fails or gets low marks and promises himself that he will study next time but after few weeks it is back to square one. But as Kabir said

Karat karat abhyaas ke, jadmati hot sujan.
Rasari aawat jaat te, sil par parat nisaan.

So I gotta stick to this blogging on and then blogging none routine until I

either get fedup or make it a habit. Talking about Kabir, I have found a recent love for him which is due to this video on youtube. When I listened to it for first time, I got so overwhelmed by emotions and I continued listening to it for almost 20 times on a loop. This seems to be recorded during an event called “The Kabir Project” and I wonder why I didn’t came to knew about it earlier. It would have been wonderful to meet people who love Kabir.

On another note, the sale of Wheat Germ is picking up but still a far cry from the 100 orders a day target set by myself. I need to figure out how to promote physical products more effectively on internet. I am sure the skills gained by it can be used to promote lot many other things online.

I think this will be it for the update today, will be updating some more things soon.