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Wasting Time on TV Shows

Lately I have been watching TV for much longer periods than what I generally do. The New Reality shows like Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao and Sach Ka Saamna are the ones which I was watching regularly.  Apart from it I also started watching Bhaskar Bharti.  But I think they are just wasting my time and I should better stop watching TV and get on working on my aim of having an online income of $5k as soon as possible.  Earlier I wasn’t so sure about reaching that figure but seeing that guys in the TKA are reaching around $1k-$2k levels in few months , I think I can reach $5 in an year for surely.  So I need to stop wasting time on TV Shows and better concentrate on doing some real work. Once I reach that income level, I can definitely start wasting my time again on stuff which I like/love to do ( Though watching TV is not very much on my future ToDo list). 

On a side note , I have finally decided to start with running a placement consultancy firm also ( Apart from running a website development firm and Justdial Franchisee). But it won’t be a full-fledged Placement agency. The idea is just to utilize my Justdial Marketing Team. As my marketing guys are already visiting the business concerns in Vizag, we would definitely like to solve 1 more problem point for our customers ( Paid Clients of Justdial as well as who got their websites designed by us).  In fact when I started with Marketing for Justdial , more people were interested in getting staff for their office than becoming a paid JD client and I always resisted the temptation to work on the placements. But I think Placements can be a good Marketing Point for us since it will help us to penetrate the Job Market as well as the student community. I will be discussing more about how I want to spread awareness about all the 3 businesses ( JD,Web Development & Placements) by utilising a single team.