The Movie 3 Idiots and My Life

I watched the movie 3 Idiots Recently.  In more than 1 way , I had been like Rancho, though I never had the guts to do what he is capable of doing.  I mean all the mischief he got to pull-off.   I did my computer engineering because I was interested in computers from class 7th onwards.  I never cared for reading just for the sake of passing exams but for the joy of it. And it used to happen that many times I would read books meant for higher classes just for the joy of it.  I wish more people can understand that Life in itself is very fulfilling.  We need not live it for somebody else.  I particular remember 1 incident from the movie which has happened in real time to me.  I think it happened in 2nd semester. We used to have a lecturer “Venkatesan” who would come to the class and would just start reading from a book and expected us to write in our notebooks.  Now I never liked having notes.  I always felt that having book is enough and I always wrote the answers in my own words.  So on that day, as he was dictating the notes and as usual I wasn’t writing it in my notebook.  So he became furious and asked me why I am not writing in my Notebook.  I told him that the stuff he was telling is already available in the book and there is no point in writing it again in notebook as I already have the book with me ( I always used to purchase the books and never relied on library to fulfill my coursework).   And he asked me a question from earlier class and I replied the answer. The answer wasn’t exactly the same as what was written in the book but the gist was same. He said that the answer is wrong but I insisted that it is correct.  He asked me to get out of the class. I obliged him and went to library and got another book which almost agreed with my answer.  When I showed it to him, the expression on his face was priceless.  I think I had always been a very simple student doing almost what the teacher asked, but from that day onwards, my rebelliousness started with the system.  Till 12th I didn’t had any problem reading through routine school stuff but during college I started to hate it when apart from computer related subjects I had to read through many other subjects. In retrospective I don’t think it was a bad thing because learning about other related things just expands your mind but at that time I was just thinking that I am supposed to be a computer engineer and I need not waste my time on learning about *induction motors* or *tensile strength*.

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