To Do List for Year 2013-2014

This year I am not going to put any financial targets as I find them to be too distracting and moreover I haven’t been able to achieve them so far so don’t want to demoralize myself by not reaching where I want to reach despite making progress. So I am just gonna list some of my to-do list for year 2013-2014. I hope just  sticking to most of these to-do lists will be enough to progress towards my goals.

Daily To-Do

1) 100 Bids spread across, and

2) One Startup Idea everyday.

3) 1000 Words of Content.



Weekly To-Do

1) Review of One IM Course

2) Review of One IM Software

3) 1 Mini-software based on one of the daily ideas.


Monthly To-Do

1) 5 Cheap Sites

2) 5 Celebrity Sites

3) 15 Broken Arrow Sites

4) 5 Product Niche Sites

5)  10 Gaming Tips Sites


Quarterly To-Do



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