As the New Year Approaches

As the current year is coming to its end, the time for New Year Resolutions is nearing.  But I am in no mood to wait for making some resolutions.  As my life is taking new turn everyday, I think I shouldn’t let the time fly in hope of doing things at a perfect time and make some resolutions. I wouldn’t like to call them resolutions but kind of targets I wish to achieve in next year.


  1. Learn a Language Every Year.  Starting from first, it will be Telugu and later on I am going to cover Tamil, Assamese and other languages.
  2. The order volume for our  Header Design Service  should be around 50-100 in a day from the current 1-5 in a day.  We generally charge around $5 for each header but they aren’t some cheap quality stuff thrown in few minutes. We exquisitely craft the header depending upon the user inputs and also provide upto 5 revisions with no question asked policy.
  3. I have around 16 members working in my company at the moment.  I would like to increase the strength to around 30 members and make sure each member is generating atleast $1000 per month for the company. I personally would like to make around $1000 profit per day around this time of the year next year. For this to happen , I would be starting making around $100 per day in January.
  4. As my previous partnership haven’t worked out properly , I would like to get a new partner who can/will understand me and have faith on my business model.  Though the time is coming sooner when the cheques rolling in will be able to convince all the skeptics that I am on a correct path.
  5. Revenuewise I would like my company to be around $10000 – $30000 per month total revenue.  Part of it will be from project works and professional services rendered such as Cheap Script Installation Service and rest of them from Internet and Affiliate Marketing.


Now the question is how I am going to achieve my goal. Let me breakdown the blueprint I have in my mind.



1) Start heavily creating niche sites. I am aiming around 100 sites in a month.  As there are around 25 working days so my HI Blogging Team would need to create 4 sites in a day. Assuming each niche site contains around 10 articles (of 500 words each) at minimum it would mean 40 articles in total. Now a single person should be able to write around 10 articles working 7 hours so I would need 4 members dedicated for this task.  Btw I am thinking of selling around 25 sites out of the 100 created few months down the road so that I have some cashflow which is definitely needed to make sure I am not burning cash too much.  I think it would be easy to sell each of them for $50. Btw there are lots of different ways to monetise a niche site and I would be trying almost every method so that I don’t rely on a single source of revenue. Few of the monetisation method from the top of my head are

  • Adsense
  • Chitika
  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • Ebay
  • Adbrite
  • Commission Junction

2) Finally start with Paid Affiliate Marketing. I have been planning for a long time for starting with paid affiliate marketing but couldn’t start. I intend to start dabbling into PPC/PPV ie paid traffic acquisition method and monetise the site with CPA/CPS offers. 


I will be updating this post till the new year to create a good roadmap for myself.

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