Auto Content Services – Opengarage Idea – $3000 pm potential

As more and more people come to know about making money through niche blogs or sites, the need for quality content will increase. As such I think we should concentrate on providing such services. AMA already provides a way to post your content on multiple blogs through XML-RPC but I think it can be taken one step forward by providing the content itself. Actually it is kind of reverse AMA. AMA expects you to write your own content and then allows you to publish your article across various blogs which has joined it to get some free content.  But here we will be providing contents which will be posted on the blogs of the blog owner.  I know of 1 such service and they are charging around $67 monthly access fee and $1.50 per 200-300 word article.  I do not know how many articles a person working full-time can write so I am just assuming some figures our of thin air.  Let us suppose a writer writes around 10 articles per day and it mean he can generate something around $15 per day. He works 20 days in a month and it means $300 per month per writer. The monthly access fee is $67 out of which let us assume $30 is paid as commission to affiliates. It means a writer should be able to generate something around $330 per month of revenue.  Now there are two ways to hire the writers. One is having them work directly under you and other is letting any freelancer apply for being a writer.  In the latter method we need to incorporate some kind of rating within the system so that the blog owners can rate a writer and let good writer increase their prices. The latter is also somewhat scalable in nature and even if the company pockets only the monthly access fee ($30) it translates to $3000 per month in case only 100 people signup. Not bad for such a simple site.  So this is on my todo list and would like to finish up such a site as soon as possible.

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