Target $20k per month – Revising the Aim a little

It seems some people have a notion that people who have truckloads of money has got the Right to be right. Rest of the people  who don’t have enough money or earn enough money are not worth even talking to/about. Moreover according to them, the only worthwhile stuff to do on earth is to make money, by hook or by crook. It doesn’t matter to them how the money is earned and they don’t bother to think that anything else apart from earning money may also be a worthwhile way to live life. For them , Musicians,Painters or anybody else who is more busy pursuing his interests are just wasting their time if they don’t run after money. I for one , for the time being, is sitting on the side where I pursue my interests without bothering much about the money factor.  But if I say at this stage that money isn’t the most important thing in life, it wouldn’t be completely truth since I don’t know exactly what it means to have truckloads of money. So I am shifting my gear for the time being and have made an aim to have some good chunks of money so that I can feel what it really means to be sitting on pile of money.  I have revised my goal of reaching $20k in pm income in few years to 1 year. Yeah, $20k pm in a single year.  As I have no idea how I will be reaching my goal though, I will try to follow a person (Ben) who is making something around $2-3k pm. Ben started with make money online field after reading from Griz’s Blog and I will be following Ben to reach my own goal.  So starting from Independence Day, I am going to work towards making $20k in a month a reality.  I wish that someone who is very closer to me can also be a part of this goal, but I think that that special one has to wait for some time. Atleast until I reach $2k pm range.

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