What I will be working on in Year 2010

I have been running a very small start up based in vizag (Vishakapatnam) and we mainly dabble into web development.  It has been growing steadily but still not as fast I want it to be. There are also some other few projects which I am interested to pursue but I am not able to due to Lack of Time and also due to absence of a companion who can take the headache out of running day-to-day company affairs. Frankly I don’t like wasting my time on mundane stuff like bidding on projects on freelancing sites or asking my team for the project status. I think I can delegate that stuff to one of my team member and I can start concentrating on purely doing stuff which will directly impact the company growth (Though bidding on projects is essential to get projects but it eats lot of my time just on the bidding phase. Moreover I generally prefer doing projects on Rentacoder & Odesk but I still bid on other sites just to increase our exposure. I want to minimize my time on bidding on projects and rather do some constructive things.)


As my dream of creating adsense niches has been shattered , I have to figure out another way to generate money through online businesses.  So I will be concentrating on Affiliate Marketing and most probably I will go ahead with creating Amazon & Ebay niches.  Apart from it I would also concentrate on developing my other virtual real estate empire which may not give any returns in the short-term but which can be really big in long term.  I am listing few of my ideas on which I will be working on in coming months in 2010.


1) www.rishimoney.com

A site about anything related to Money and its various avatars like credit cards,debit cards,savings accounts,loans etc. 


2) www.multipress.in

As it becomes more and more easy to run something using wordpress and its themes/plugins combo, it is quite natural for us to keep track of things possible in wordpress as is is our most preferred CMS.


3) www.opengarage.in

My small effort to increase the numbers of idiots in this world.


4) www.miniprojects.in

A natural extension to the earlier site.  Kinda showcase for the opengarage team and also to attract would be idiots by luring them through the promise of mini/main projects.


To Be Continued….(As I get more idiotic ideas in my mind).

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