What is it with Placement Agencies

For the last few months I have been looking to expand my team and having a not-so-good experience with vacancy advertisement in newspapers , I started calling up various placement agencies in Vizag.  Now the business model of placement agencies revolves around 2 modes. A placement agency either charges the candidates ( Ranging from a fixed fee to 100% of 1 month salary) or the company ( around 8% of yearly CTC).  Now few of the companies which I called for said that they charges candidates and they started sending the candidates after calling them for 3-4 days. The quality of candidates landing into my office for interview wasn’t good and the hiring exercise seemed futile at that moment.  So I started calling companies which presumably charges companies and I asked them to send the T&C. Apparently when I told them that I was looking for content writers in the 5k pm range and ME in 8-12k range , they weren’t very interested. On further enquiry I came to know that they are only interested in providing candidates for post which earns at least 15k per month.  Knowing that the market is kind of slump right now, I was wondering how do the average candidates ( The ones who have completed the BA,MA,BSc,BCOM,MCOM etc. degrees which are for people who has not got the chance to do a BTech,BE,MBA) lands up a job.  What is the mode of job searching they prefer the most (Newspapers,Placement Agencieis,Online Job Portals,Friends etc).  Anyhow since I don’t want to search for candidates on online job portal and I am in no mood to advertise in newspapers and since the local companies are not helping much, I think I should start a free for all simple job directory for Vizag City.  The companies who needs candidates can post their requirements and the job seekers can look for the openings. I am not sure how I am going to promote it to candidates. ( It is easy to promote it to companies since Justdial would be the best way to list it there).  I think wordpress should be enough for such a simple job directory but in case it doesn’t then I will try some real job portal script.

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