What to do with all the ideas I have in my mind ?

I have been an ardent reader for most of my life and would tend to read anything and everything I come across including cheap novels, brochures, hoardings, textbooks(except my own as that were supposed to be mugged up to get good marks in exam and I found it much easier to do that just before the exams and even then I just used to remember the diagrams as I could write long stories on my own based on the diagrams).  Due to so much reading I will be getting an idea every now and then but there are 2 problems I face when thinking of getting them implemented. One is most of them would be existing in some form or other and it kills the drive to do it just for the sake of doing something new. And the other is figuring out how to make money out of it. Maybe I should not think of trying to do something new but rather do something which is proven and is already making money. One of that ideas is building gaming guides which I have started thinking more about lately due to one of our sites getting couple thousand visitors daily. My company has been building a site for Rage of Bahmut, which is a card trading game and has been among top games on android play store for quite some time now and recently they also crossed 3+ million users. I already knew that there was a market for dedicated game play guides but it was the first experience I had with building a site and then getting good traffic to it and I started thinking more on the line of having a proper,dedicated team to build more sites/guides and update the current one as currently it is not as good as I want it to be. Moreover I came across another company which does this thing full-time and they are even part of a big book publishing house. I was under the impression that clickbank was ideal place to sell this stuff but it seems it is more mainstream than I thought and companies are selling gaming guides directly on their websites. So now I am just trying to figure out more such games and hopefully will be building out more such sites. 

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